Sports Section (Kridangan)

‘Kridangan‘ is a radio sports magazine broadcast from A.I.R. Kolkata daily at 5 p.m. on ‘Kolkata A’ (456.6 Mtr / 657 KHz). The programme comprises of sports news - local, national and international - and previews & reviews of important sporting events, often analysed by experts, invited to the Studios. 

Profile interviews of reputed players are also aired at regular intervals. Upcoming talents, with bright prospect, are given due coverage too in the segment ‘Aarohi’. Listeners get an opportunity to speak to eminent sports persons directly over phone in the live programme ‘Hello Kridangan’ and also write letters, which are read in ‘Priyo Kridangan’. A weekly Sports Quiz ‘Googly’ is also conducted , where listeners can participate. Radio Report and O.B. based interviews are aired almost regularly in ‘Baire Ghure’ And ‘Mathe Maidane’. Due coverage is given to sporting activities in different districts and a weekly radio report ‘Khela Dhula Jelay Jelay’ is aired for this purpose.

‘Kridangan’ not only covers popular games like Cricket and Football but also takes meticulous care to broadcast programmes on other sports - traditional and indigenous which are apparently overlooked by the media. This sports programme is a blend of information and entertainment as the anchors present them in their own innovative ways, making the programme all the more attractive and worth listening.