Youth is the time to encapsulate all the beauties of life, the time to do as the heart desires, Cultural activities are a must do for youth, even more so in Bengal and Yuvavani, Kolkata, tries to capture this creative spirit . YV in its wide ambit includes music, drama, live feed from important events, OBs, interview of young stars and eminent personalities. Here’s a glimpse of the YV bouquet- Beporoya Somoy, Palte Feli deals with burning social problems, contemporary youth centric issues. The live phone-in programme includes OBs, phone bytes, and vox populi as required. Beriye Pori is a travel-based programme giving information of various tourist destinations and historical places. Dhora Jak XY and Bitorko are quiz and debate shows respectively with participation from listeners via phone and invited audience. Both shows were conceptualized on listeners demands.Bigyan Barta is a complete science based programme. Saris Swasthyo is a health based programme where listeners’s queries are answered by an expert Taruner Swapno is a career counseling show where experts from various field of work are invited to guide listeners about different career avenues. Natok Niye showcases drama, reviews, discussions on various aspects of drama. Gaan Galpo Gaan is a reading session where stories are read from the works of literary doens of Bengal. YV mancho is an interactive session based show where the YV programme officer answers the queries of listeners. Bolte Chai is a listeners’s letter reading day on a given topic. Ekushe sahitya, on all Sundays of a month is a complete literature based programme. Music is catered by the huge pool of young artistes of YV and YV nurtures these budding musical talents of Bengal. All shows are live phone-in, aired seven days a week, twice a day-11.00am-12 on KOL –A, 7.05 AM -7.30AM on KOL-B. On weekends, there’s a classical show from 6.15 pm-7 pm. There’s a facebook page of the section and separate mail account to interact with the listeners.